In my opinion, YOU now better than everyone else, where you want to go, or more specifically, what kind of solution you want to create to address a certain problem or market need. With my support you can develop or choose the right products and find the most efficient way to market it. Moreover, I can be of help with the production, the sourcing of raw materials, the creation of documents, the fulfilment of administrative or regulatory needs.

Particularly I can offer:
-   Support in the development or choice of epoxy resins and -hardeners for ambient temperature curing, solvent-free or waterborne epoxy systems for a multitude of applications;
-   Consultancy with the scale-up, production, or toll-manufacturing of these materials, which also comprises support with the sourcing of raw materials.
-   Consultancy in the strengthening, streamlining and benchmarking of your lab research and development processes;
-   Help with the creation of technical documents, e.g. Technical Data Sheets, Overviews, Handouts;
-   Support with the creation of compliant Safety Data Sheets according to EU-REACh-regulation. I have strong skills with DR-Software ChemGes® and SIAM Chemeter® software programs for the establishment of corresponding MSDS, but actually do not possess program licenses on my own.
-   Individual training in the framework of tailor-made learnings, lectures and discussions, in-house or remote.
-   Support in becoming compliant with regulative or standardization framework, e.g. ISO 9001 demands.

GEEPOX Consulting
Inhaber/Owner: Dr. rer. nat. Joerg-Peter Geisler

Cellphone¬†  +49 151 6782 1589